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I'm Diana Perez, culinary researcher, writer, recipe editor and cook.

I bring my love for food and passion for storytelling to every aspect of my work. Let's create something delicious together.


My Experience

As a researcher, I have experience investigating the history of some of today's most popular foods, including pizza, tacos, and breads. I've also developed, tested and edited recipes for print and digital media, working with chefs including Lidia Bastianich, Bobby Flay, Alex Stupak, and Jim Lahey. My research has appeared in Modernist Pizza by Modernist Cuisine and I've worked on international culinary events such as Expo Milano 2015 and Gelinaz! New York. Click the button below to see my full portfolio.

Culinary History  Culinary Research  Recipe Development  Recipe Testing  Recipe Editing Social Media  Digital Media  International Events

About Me

I'm a writer with a passion for telling stories through food. My work focuses on the intersection of food, culture, and identity. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that food is a universal language that can bring us all together. Click the button below to get in touch.

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My Work

My work has been in Modernist Pizza, Tacos: Recipes and Provocations by Alex Stupak and The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook by Jim Lahey. I strive to create engaging content that tells stories through food.

Latest Articles

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